Olympics Broadcast in 3D

The 2012 Summer Olymic Games in London will be broadcast in 3D by NBC in partnership with their programming distributors.  The 3D access will likely be available through Comcast and DirecTV and other pay-TV services. The always anticipated opening ceremonies will be Friday, July 27, 2012. The 200-plus hours of 3D coverage, to be produced by Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) and shown on … [Read more...]

3D TV Comes of Age

Bit by bit, 3D TV is growing in the market with 3D sports programming, dedicated  3D channels and, of course, Blu-Ray.  It wasn't all that long ago that some speculated whether or not 3D would take off or that it was nothing more than a novelty. Yet now, more and more movies are being released to theaters in 3D particularly the action-adventure and animation genres.  As a result, the number of … [Read more...]