Adding Streaming Internet to Your TV

If you're considering adding streaming internet to your TV (or switching altogether from cable or satellite) there are at least two units to consider.  One is the AppleTV which is quite familiar to most while the other is Roku, a newer device which may be more suitable for many users.  So we thought we'd take a moment to consider both. Let's start first with WHY you might want to consider … [Read more...]

Your Cloud-Connected Car

The latest technology as revealed at CES 2012 includes apps for your car's media center.  Think of your Smart Phone as being imbedded in your car's dash.  Imagine the capabilities now found on your phone to now be available hands-free in your cloud-connected vehicle and in gorgeous, ultra HD audio clarity. We're resuming our look at CNET's "Best of Show" list from CES 2012 in Las Vegas earlier … [Read more...]